Battlelog Standalone


Welcome to the homepage of Realmware's Battlelog Standalone!

This application was first released on the . It allows you to conveniently access Battlelog, without having to launch your entire web browser, saving time and precious resources.

You can get started by checking out the features and screenshots, or just go ahead and download it now!


New updates coming soon!

We have been getting a lot of emails and comments recently regarding problems with our BF3 Settings Editor and Battlelog Standalone tools, caused by the recent updates to Battlefield 3 and the Battlelog website. Rest assured that we have big updates for both of these tools in the works, and they will be released soon. Check out this sneak preview of Battlelog Standalone 2.0!

Battlelog Standalone 1.0 released!

The first version of Realmware's Battlelog Standalone has been released! This has been tested to work with the current version of Battlelog, which it fully supports.