BF4 Settings Editor


Below is a comparison between BF4 Settings Editor and other similar Battlefield 4 utilities. As far as we are aware, these are the currently available releases of the tools. We have tried to be totally objective, so if anything is missing or incorrect in this table, please let us know and we'll double-check our facts.

The systems compared below are:

This comparison is provided just to clarify the differences between the above tools, as it is something that we've been asked about a lot. We wish the best of luck to the other developer(s) in making their tools — more options are always better!

Supported files BF4SE BF4CU
PROFSAVE_profile Yes Yes
user.cfg Yes Yes
Supported game settings BF4SE BF4CU
Control settings Yes Partial
Sound settings Yes Partial
Graphics settings Yes Partial
Console commands Yes Partial
Gameplay settings Yes Partial
Basic key bindings Yes No
Advanced key bindings Yes No
Hidden game settings Yes No
Extra features BF4SE BF4CU
Includes a profile system Yes Yes
Change your settings with a friendly GUI Yes Yes
Includes the default game settings Yes No
Import your Battlefield 4 Beta settings Yes No
Import your settings from Battlefield 3 Yes No
Export your settings to Battlefield 3 Yes No
Includes help information Yes No
Includes links to driver websites No Yes
Includes a manual text editor (like Notepad) No Yes
Safety features BF4SE BF4CU
Includes an automatic update checker Yes Yes
Automatically backs up settings Yes Partial
Repairs errors in settings files Yes No
Handles empty files without crashing Yes No
Handles most error cases without crashing Yes No