BF3 Colour Tweaker

Current Status

Unfortunately, BF3 Colour Tweaker has been taken down until further notice. This is because the latest Battlefield 3 patch stopped it working, and we decided to remove the download for now to avoid confusing new users who discover this tool.


Welcome to the homepage of Realmware's BF3 Colour Tweaker!

This application was first released on the . It allows you to edit the Battlefield 3 game files by tweaking the colour and lighting settings for each map.

Warning! Unlike all of our other tools, BF3 Colour Tweaker could potentially conflict with PunkBuster. Use it at your own risk. See the FAQ for more information.

You can get started by checking out the features and screenshots, or just go ahead and download it now!


BF3 Colour Tweaker 1.2 released!

We have now released version 1.2 of our BF3 Colour Tweaker! This release adds support for all of the base game maps, as well as improving error handling and general stability.

BF3 Colour Tweaker 1.1 hotfix!

We have just released a hotfix for BF3 Colour Tweaker, which resolves a crash on start-up when some content is unavailable. Be sure to update to the latest version for the best stability!

BF3 Colour Tweaker 1.0 released!

The first version of Realmware's BF3 Colour Tweaker has been released! This has been tested to work with the current version of Battlefield 3. We will be releasing future updates to this program to improve the customisation available.